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  • Karatsu, Kyushu

Ryokan : Yoyokaku

Karatsu is very famous village for tea ceremony bowl.

"1 Raku, 2 Hagi, 3 Karatsu" is a proverb which listed up tea ceremony bowl. Karatsu have 1000 years tradition of pottery. Especially the artisan Nakazato family was succeeded to 13th generation for 400 years. If you go to good restaurants or good Ryokan in Karatsu, all places are using Nakazato's plate. They are sharing aesthetics throuth their works.

Yoyokaku is in Karastu.

It was established in 1893, the buildings are taken care carefully. Not like europe, there is many old houses are made by wood in Japan. Especially Ryokans are made by woods so it's very difficult to keep good condition. In certtain years they need to replace some part. When you see this replacement part, you can feel "kokoro" long tradition of care for this place. The modernism designs, chairs designed by Isamu Kenmochi and lantains designed by Isamu Noguchi, dont push their identity but fit to the space. You will find good harmony of tradition and creation. From these small details we feel the long tradition and get in to the world of Ryokan.

There is many good Ryokans in Japan but Yoyokaku is very cozy and elegant.


34,000 - 80,000 yen for 2 persons.

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