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Village of Porcelain : Arita

The tradition of ceramic in Japan is so long.

The oldest pottery is the Jomon pottery which was made in 12,700 B.C. to 300 B.C.

This tradition was succeed to the 6 old kilns, Seto (10C~), Tokoname (10C~),Echizen (12C~), Shigaraki (12C~), Tanba (12C~), Bizen (12C~) , these kilns are still making pottery now.

The tradition of the porcelain is new in Japan, First porcelain was made by Yi Sam-pyeong in 1616 on Arita. Arita is the first place of porcelain in Japan. It was brought from Korean Peninsula. On 17th century the porcelain was very rare in the world. Arita porcelain were exported by the Dutch East India Company (VOC) to foreign countries, where it was enthusiastically received by royalty and came to adorn many a European palace.

After these export, the first Europe porcelain was made on 1708 at Meissen in Germany. In france Sèvres, the hard porcelain manufactured on 1798.

In Japan porcelain was very rare. So the lord of Nabeshima Domain prohibited to teach how to make porcelain out of Nabeshima domain. He bought all porcelains made, and enclose the village of Arita not to leak the knowhow to make.

The technque of "Akae" (draw with red color on ceramic) was established in begining of 17 century, Kakiemon and Imaemon is succeeded until now. Imaemon 14th and Kakiemon 14th are living national treasure.

Now there is 114 kilns in Arita. Many of them are still making by hand.

TEL.+81 955-43-3681

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