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  • Yaesu Tokyo station, Tokyo

Bar : Mixology Laboratory

The bar culture in Japan is very special.

Rounded ice ball, sofisticated tools, single slab of wooden counter and fresh fruits like jewelry...

All elements are very rare outside of Japan. The bartenders are like sushi chefs. They treat the ingredients very carefully and make a special moment to the guests.

Shuzo Nagumo, the owner bartender of Mixology Laboratory, is one of the genius bar tender I ever met. His investigation to the taste of cocktails is endless. He use the technique of Molecular Gastronomy and distillate by himself..

Wasabi gin, Hinoki gin, cocktail of Tom yum goong (Thai soup) and the dinner course pairing with cocktails, the creation of Nagumo is never stop. He is looking for new taste everyday.

You will find new world of cocktailing in here.

+81 3-6262-3946

Close on Sunday

18h - 25h (Lo24:30)

*need to have a pincord to enter.

Cocktail 2,000 yen~

Dinner course with cocktails 12,000 yen

need to reservation 2 days before.

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