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Lodge in Kyoto


The lodge is located in the small village at Kitayama “north mountain” in Kyoto. This village is left behind in the modernization thus there is still the original Japanese landscape with history and tradition.


The village Omori “Big Forest” has long history. This village was pioneered by 36 woodcutter for Kyoto Gosho “Imperial palace” at 8th century. The glass Shobu, used for the purification ceremony on 5th of May, were produced here and brought to Gosho until Meiji period.


Prince Koretaka (844 - 897) , Emperor Montoku's first Prince, well known as a poet, settled himself in this village to be his final abode.

Thats why there is Anrakuji, which is called cemetery of him, and Shrine Koretaka in this village. and there are descendants who were retainers of Koretaka. But now only 30 people live in this village. 


There is a bridge to the Lodge, so it’s calm and quiet, keeps privacy apart from village. The beauty of Japan is based on sensibility to Nature. Please pay careful attention to the sound of insects and a little streams, find the the shadow of dears in the moonlight. Please make you synchronize with a poet who see the same scenery.



432-2 omorihigashi kitaku kyoto 601-0145 Japan 

It takes 40-50 min from Kyoto station by taxi.

It will cost 40 - 50 euros.

*There is a free car for guest to drive around the Lodge.



Accommodates : 4 persons

Size : 95 sqm (1,022 sqft)

Beds : 1 Queen / 2 Japaese Futon



40,000 yen (240 euros) 

*minimum stay 2 nights

Permission No. N260025600
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