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Pavilion in Paris

The first and unique pavilion for the gift ceremony in the world.
The pavilion made by Japanese artisans will lead you to "little Japan" in the center of Paris.
Please have a sensual moment in the gift ceremony.
by appointment only

Lodge in Kyoto

The Lodge to foster your sensitivity to the nature.
Traditional Japanese house renovated by artisans is located in the north mountain of Kyoto. 
Please pay careful attention to the sound of insects and a little streams, 
feel the shadows in the moonlight


MIWA provides the experiences to discover and understand the refinement of the high Japanese culture known as “Honmono”.

Honmono is a Japanese concept describing a product or an experience that creates a subjective impression of genuineness, of historical and technical depth and sincerity from all the people taking part in its creation. The Honmono feeling creates a bond and a community of tastes between both the people enjoying and designing the experience or product. This feeling of community is also increased by a sensation of being part of a long history of people characterized by skills honed through generations.


Have you ever found beauty of Japanese culture without being able express why?


The concept of beauty in Japan is very different from that generally understood in Western culture.

It is based on the contemplation of Nature and a profound feeling of gratitude for its gifts, not as in the western world, admiration of the creative powers and vision of an individual.

The essential “Honmono” that you can discover through MIWA, is not an objective “knowledge” but it is entirely subjective and, is the shared feeling of time and space. The goal of  MIWA is to help you to develop your sensitivity towards Japanese beauty beyond material affluence.

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