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Sushi : The Araki

The Araki is the three star chef on Michelin Tokyo. He closed the reataurant in Ginza on 2013 and moved to London to open sushi restaurant. There is some "Honmono" sushi restaurant in Europe now, but The Araki is the one of restaurants which get 3 stars on Michelin Tokyo. The Araki is the first restaurant which open outside of Japan.

The Araki's counter was made by Hinoki which come from Higashishirakawa Village in Japan. Pavilion Miwa was made with Hinoki come from same village. There is some mutual friends so I found good coincidence to go there.

There is only 9 seats. The sushi started when all guests arrived like tea ceremony. We will eat same sushi at same time so we shared the moment and taste. There was full of tension when he prepare sushi. I felt his sincerity through all experience.

But Sushi outside of Japan is very difficult. Especially finding good fish for sushi should be biggest problem. Sushi is not creation of individual. It should be sincere and sensitive supply chain from ocean. I think he is not sutisfied with his fish now. I hope it will be improved in the future.

+44 20 7287 2481

Tues - Sun dinner only

First sitting 18h (2 1/2 hour)

Second sitting 20:30

One Menu Only

Sushi "Omakase" Chefs set menu






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