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Sushi Hinoki

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

After I made Miwa on 2012, I was looking for good Sushi place in France. On that time there was no "Honmono" Sushi in Paris. It was before opening Jin, Onodera and Okuda. After I tried some sushi restaurants in Paris, I found the reason why they were not good was too far from the ocean. So I googled sushi restaurants in the cities near the ocean. I found "Hinoki" in Brest.

Hinoki is very important tree in Japan. It is used for shrines, tea pavilions and good sushi restaurant counter. With my intuition, this restaurant should be good. After I meet Xavier and his wife Mika at Miwa pavilion, I went to Brest to eat his sushi.

On that time, his sushi was not matured like grand chef of sushi in Tokyo, but I felt very deep courtesy to the nature. Mika influenced Xavier philosophically. His sushi reminds me "Edomae" style. Edomae means "in front of Edo Bay". Edo was the former name of Tokyo where people came to appreciate the seasonal fish facing the ocean. When I eat his sushi, I feel a deep sense of gratitude for the gifts from the Sea in Brest.

I asked them to come to Miwa and held a sushi dinner. I always appreciate his pureness and sincerity for sushi. He is a French but he has Japanese « kokoro ». His sushi will remind us connection with nature.


6 Rue des 11 Martyrs, 29200 Brest

+33 2 98 43 23 68

Tues - Sat

12:00 - 14:00

19:30 - 23:00

Omakase (chefs choise couse with 15 pieces of sushi) : 85 €

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