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  • Saint-Jean-en-Royans, France

Nodate tea ceremony in Coplet with Franck Armand

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

There was not only "Kata - form" but also "Kokoro - Sensibility to feel".

Nodate is the tea ceremony which was performed outside of tea pavilion. The tea ceremony held by Franck Armand was fantastic. He succeeded kokoro of tea ceremony.

Especially in Japan, Sado -tea classes mostly emphasize on Kata for example the protocols, manners, and knowledge of the tools. There are not many classes focus on kokoro. After Meiji Restoration on 1868, Japanese culture became westernized, Sado was no exeption. I think Japanese cluture "do", like Sado, Budo, Shinto, Kado etc, is not the way of learning objective knowledge, but improve subjective sensibility. In all "do" there should be the moment which we can share the feeling inter-subjectively. "do" offer us a training of kokoro - sensitivity to feel.

On nodate with Franck I felt Japanese kokoro deep from the heart.

There was no Japanese trees like Sakura and Momiji, but I felt Japanese feeling. My feeling does not come from exoticism like special Japanese trees and lanterns, but relationship with Nature. Nature in Japan is not only wild. There is good distance human and Nature. For example first photograph below, we can see the good relationship with nature. Franck pick up good stone for the steps from nature and put it. After few years, moss will grow around stones. This shows complete opposite way of thinking like Versailles, Nature is not target to conquer. We can feel unity with nature.

From the garden he take care, I felt his deep courtesy to the nature, and great hospitality to the guest. It should take many years to set up this environment. This place signify kokoro of Franck.

In the mountain of Coplet Saint-Jean-en-Royans

Guest need to invited.

It will be held on June every year.

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